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Galada Gardens

Barry Road, Thomastown

Millennium's Properties current project aerial view

Millennium Properties has recently received support from Whittlesea Shire Council for the rezoning of its 12 hectare site from Farming Zone to Neighbourhood Residential Zone and expects to soon be able to finalize its Planning Application to allow development of the site to commence in late 2014/early 2015.

The triangular 'leftover' parcel of land, which has remained unused for many years, is bounded by the new Hume Freeway, Downs Rd (not yet constructed), and the Whittlesea Gardens on Barry Rd, Thomastown.

Millennium plans to develop the site into a modern Residential Estate which will complement and enhance the community feel of the existing residential neighbourhood.

This site is remarkably similar to the Glen Gala Estate in Sunshine which Millennium successfully developed to transform an unsightly and unused remnant site into a community asset which has been unanimously commended by all stakeholders as having revitalised the area and significantly increased the value of the neighbouring residences. (Click here to read more on Glen Gala Estate).

Millennium is very proud of what it achieved for the local community on the Glen Gala Estate in Sunshine and is determined to do the same on this project. (click here to read testimonials on the development of the Glen Gala Estate).

Below is an indicative Concept Plan of the proposed development which Millennium believes will achieve a rewarding outcome for the neighbouring community.

Millennium's Properties concept plan

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